Education 4 Diversity
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Welcome to Education 4 Diversity. We are a highly experienced, award-winning training provider, helping businesses, schools and communities across the UK to celebrate and embrace diversity.


81% of all business founders say diversity enhances creativity and innovation.*


We believe in the power of diversity to bring about positive and profound change wherever it is embraced. We partner with schools and organisations to provide practical training that addresses significant barriers to employees’ happiness, success and achievements, using the strength of diversity and new understandings of common humanity to drive increased commitment, job-satisfaction, innovation, productivity, and to build a more just and sustainable society.


Our training model is enhanced by wide range of creative activities aimed at demonstrating the value of diversity, sharing and applying inclusive values and developing through these activities strategies to generate and sustain a supportive, motivated and creative workforce. Our workshops will provide participants with a broad introduction to inclusive culture in the workplace and how this can contribute to a secure, dynamic and cohesive team.


67% of all founders say that diversity improves problem solving.**



72% of tech founders believe diversity is extremely or very important.***



Find out more about what a greater understanding of diversity can do for your organisation heremeet our team, or find out about our mission to build better communities by building diversity awareness in schools.

We are living in a world that is increasingly diverse and part of helping kids develop and be those successful leaders of tomorrow is helping them learn how to embrace multiculturalism and diversity.
— Margo Georgiadis — Business Executive and CEO —