Education 4 Diversity


Our training and workshops

Through a wide range of presentations and interactive techniques, we provide practical diversity and integration training for staff in organisations, schools and universities. We work with schools to support them in building curricula that reflect and build on our diverse society. We lead classes of children and young people to celebrate the differences and seek the commonalities between us. With all organisations and ages we use the stories of refugees and migrants to help build communities characterised by cohesion, creativity, achievement, collective well-being and personal fulfilment .


Our training model is enhanced by wide range of creative activities aimed at demonstrating the value of diversity, sharing and applying inclusive values and developing through these activities strategies to generate new knowledge and understandings and sustain a supportive, motivated, creative workforce. Our workshops will provide participants with a broad introduction to inclusive culture and how this can contribute to a secure, dynamic and cohesive team.


“Education that develops cultural understanding and recognises diversity is crucial for the future well-being of our society”

UK Qualifications and Curriculum Agency, 2007


We challenge the corporate management theory based on the idea that everyone can be competent in everything or that faults, failings and weaknesses are the growth points in an organisation. Instead, we help both organisations and schools to capitalise on strengths and differences in thinking and experience. To achieve this, we focus on creating a more humane and humanising working environment that invests in every kind of diversity. 

We offer tools to identify and genuinely invest in each other and search for opportunities to discover the unique strengths and motivational stories represented in every life. Our experience is that the interventions we offer help create a more inclusive working culture and generate a sense of belonging which leads to Personal satisfaction + Collaborative Consistence + Organisational Success and that this results in Increased Individual and Institutional strength.


Among the benefits we see in organsations that fully embrace diversity are:

  • A greater sense of community and cooperation

  • Isolation and alienation are minimised

  • A thriving sense of creativity

  • Service and support becomes a driving force among in the community

  • The strengths and perspectives of all staff are recognised and valued

  • Capacity is built

  • People feel fulfilled


"A Diverse Workforce Is a Valuable Source of Innovation. An Inclusive Culture Is an Incubator for Innovation."

Donald Fan, Senior Director, Walmart


Our unique arts-based and practical approach to diversity training is often informed by the personal and values-based stories shared by participants. This personalised approach can be tailored specifically to any organisation’s needs. It includes opportunities to explore through conversations with people from diverse backgrounds the implications and opportunities of inclusion and participation in a values-led ethos.


“With guns you can kill terrorists, with education you can kill terrorism.”

Malala Yousafzai